November 1, 2019
Mistress Magnolia

One might say that magnolias are not of this world. Not of the world we know, at least, given that they have been around for some 20 million years (and fossils can vouch for that). First discovered growing in the Caribbean, in the tropical heat of the island of Martinique, this mysterious wonder of nature, with everything it has seen and lived through, is as intriguing now as ever.

Magnolias don’t behave like other flowers. Of course not. Their petals aren’t really petals, but long, waxy sepals, which protect the flower bud. Beetles, rather than bees, are their predominant pollinators and while magnolias don’t produce nectar, they do offer their guests a protein-rich pollen and a captivating sugary scent that keeps the crowds flocking to them. This flowering tree has earned the right to do things its own way. 

During Victorian times, the magnolia was said to symbolise pride, nobility, dignity and poise – making it the perfect dance partner for a duo of delicate, decadent roses in Jo Malone London’s Rose & Magnolia Cologne. Each flower leaves in its wake centuries of curious stories, hearts broken and mended again, art, poetry, myth and legend. 

Magnolia is the perfect dance partner for a
duo of delicate, decadent roses

This combination of magnolia and rose is nature’s alchemy, producing a scent that would leave magicians and mystics, tricksters and conjurers, both beguiled and enthralled by the spell it casts. Brought into focus by herbaceous geranium, the sharp bite of cranberry and spicy notes of black pepper, Rose & Magnolia is a fragrance that has travelled through the ages to find love at last.

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