October 1, 2019
A Poem for London

Artist & Poet King Owusu takes us on a tour of London, his city, to celebrate our City Editions candle collection. 




Sometimes young but always old


It’s your shield against the bitter cold

It’s the laughs, hugs and tears that shape us

Home is the one thing that can truly make us



So imagine a place where time folds and folds

And folds and folds and then grows.

Take a journey through my city,

It’s more charismatic than just pretty.

Yes it’s coarse and rough

But there is beauty in the rain,

We huddle together because we are one and the same

And no it’s not an exclusive club

Insert key word diversity.

That means its home for them but that also includes you and me.

So, you ask me what makes you from my city?

Well, it’s the little things that hide in the sky.

It’s your internal guide book. Your gift. Your prize.

Because you made it here and that’s the golden ticket.

So, come dance with us, with no end in sight.

Because we are Londoners

And we are guided by more than just light.

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