October 1, 2019
Modern Manners

1. Always be prompt or, at best, be early – myth
Timing is everything. The fact is the host is never ready, so it really is best to be a little fashionably late to ensure the candles have been lit, the drinks are flowing and there’s a crowd to acknowledge your entrance.
2. Be demure – myth
Be direct, make eye contact and say it how it is. Trust us Poppy Delevingne isn’t one for shying away from mixing and mingling. 
3. Leave the dogs at home – myth
We defy you to find any party or dinner where man’s best friend hasn’t added to the occasion (and, at times, been the best party companion going).
4. Dinner parties are for small talk only – myth
Small talk is tedious, while politics is frankly too dangerous. Go for oversharing. Who doesn’t appreciate honesty and a little bit of unabashed broadcasting of loves lost and embarrassing moments.
5. Bring a gift for the host – NOT a myth
All good guests who want to be invited back come equipped with a gift for the lovely host. May we suggest a Home Candle. We’re biased we know, but you can’t go wrong with the modern classic Lime Basil & Mandarin.

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