4 Products to Travel With

However enriching, travel is enough to rattle even the most elegant and composed. But the secret to maintaining serenity is preparation and ensuring that wherever your hat may lie, anywhere feels like home. Fortunately, we’ve tasked ourselves with selecting 4 failsafe products so as from the moment you open your suitcase yours is a home away from home and a holiday full of scented moments. 

1. Fragrance Combining palette
Forget the battle of liquid restrictions and see through containers and opt for a Fragrance Combining Palette, a clever carry-on ready contraption of solid perfume. A palette of two scents. So that’s one for the beach, one for the evening and both scents worn together for dancing.

2. Travel Candle
No matter how palatial the bathroom, how high the thread count of the sheets, or how exotic the fruit basket. There’s nowhere quite like home. A sumptuous flickering travel candle in your favourite scent can bring familiarity to any location, not to mention the perfect light to compliment a tan

3. Mini Bath Oil
Soak away the journey with a scented bath on arrival, emerge ready to go and smelling heavenly to really mark the start of the holiday. 

4. Hair Mist
There’s something about holiday evening glamour that is carefree and fabulous, gloriously informal where drawn out evenings lead to sunrise watching and skinny dipping. That’s where our hair mist comes in. Spritz in abundance, pair with a terrace and you’re basically irresistible.

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